Painless removal of dressings and patches.
Safe even for the most sensitive patients.

StickOff - painless removal of dressings and patches.

StickOff - a product in the form of spray that allows painless removal of all types of self-adhesive dressings. The volatile substance contained in it - disiloxane lessens the connection between the dressing and the skin, in a gentle manner.

Na zdjęciu opakowanie StickOff firmy Smart Pharma

Effectiveness of StickOff

The StickOff product is practical and comfortable in removing all types of self-adhesive dressings. 
It can be applied at any angle, making it easier to use in hard-to-reach places. The product evaporates in a few seconds leaving the skin dry, ready to apply the next dressing.

Gentle action of StickOff

Disiloxane contained in StickOff does not penetrate the epidermis, which causes no influence on body's cells. The product does not dry, irritate and cool the skin, which results from the absence of such substances as alcohol, organic solvents, propane, butane and fragrances. StickOff is certified for microbiological purity and meets the sterility requirements for the group of drugs I according to the Polish Pharmacopoeia, thanks to which it can be also used for wounds and extensive burns.

StickOff suitable for the most sensitive patients

Due to the gentle action of StickOff, even the most sensitive patients can use it: premature infants, the elderly, pregnant women, diabetes, patients suffering from blistering separation of the epidermis (EB), patients with difficult to heal wounds, burns or pressure sores.

Types of removable dressings

StickOff will allow you to remove painlessly all types of self-adhesive dressings, fastening tapes, adhesives, and adhesive residues:

  • nonwoven patches,
  • waterproof patches,
  • warming plaster,
  • hormonal and nicotine patches,
  • electrodes eg. used for electrocardiography, Holter ECG, etc.,
  • stoma bags,
  • sensors for glucose meters and insulin pumps,
  • elastic therapeutic tapes using in kinesiology taping.

Safety of using StickOff

According to research done at the Polish National Institute of Medicine, the StickOff product does not cause irritation and is not toxic to cells. The product is manufactured, controlled and packaged in accordance with the requirements of good manufacturing practice (GMP) and ISO 9001 standards for quality management.