Vitamins B6, B9, B12, necessary in hematopoietic processes and also in the prevention of iron deficiency.

InnovitumB - B6, B9, B12 vitamins necessary in hematopoietic processes and also in the prevention of iron deficiency

The product is intended for newborns, infants and children, containing B6, B9, B12 vitamins suspended in MCT oil which are necessary in the normal process of blood formation. The optimal combination of vitamins from the B group found in the InnovitumB product will help your child to complete the deficiencies of these vitamins, as well as to help to prevent anemia from iron deficiency.

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The role of hematopoietic vitamins

Haematopoietic vitamins participate in many stages of the formation of red blood cells (erythrocytes), which are responsible for the transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body. Folic acid (B9), vitamin B12 are necessary as well as vitamin B6 are necessary for the production of normal erythrocytes.

  • Vitamin B12 - also called red vitamin, is responsible for the regulation of the red blood cells’ production and maturation, is essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system, also participates in sugars and fats metabolism pathways, and also affects the formation of DNA 
in which our genes are encoded.
  • Vitamin B9 - more commonly known as folic acid, participates in many processes in which elements creating a new cell develop. It is so important in the early stage of human development and in the processes of blood formation, because blood cells are cyclically exchanged,
  • Vitamin B6 - is responsible for activating the enzyme that builds iron into the heme ring, which is necessary to transfer oxygen and carbon dioxide through red blood cells, is also involved in the transformation of amino acids that build proteins.

Deficiency symptoms of selected B vitamins

Due to the involvement of hematopoietic vitamins in many processes responsible for the proper functioning of the body, cardiovascular system in particular, it is necessary to know about the symptoms of their deficiency.

  • Vitamin B12 deficiency - painful tongue, lack of appetite, constipation, numbness and tingling of the legs and hands, mood changes, exhaustion, mobility problems, anemia
  • Vitamin B9 deficiency - pale skin, ulcerated tongue, difficulty in falling asleep, nervousness, memory problems, feelings of weakness and lack of energy, anemia
  • Vitamin B6 deficiency - skin problems, rash, itching, swollen tongue, painful changes in the mouth, problems with concentration and learning, depression, anemia

People who are particularly vulnerable to a deficiency of B vitamins

People especially exposed to vitamin B6, B9 and B12 deficiency are premature infants, infants with low birth mass, infants born at due time, pregnant women, pubescent girls, people with defective absorption of nutrients (eg. elderly people), vegans, vegetarians.

Active form of folate

Due to genetic conditions, some people have an enzyme that can not effectively convert folic acid to its form, which can be used by the body. This resulted in the use of the biologically active form of folate (5-MTHF) in InnovitumB, which has been proved in scientific studies activity in all persons regardless of their genes. The active form of folate allows for faster supplementation of a deficiency, because it does not require metabolic changes.

The optimal combination of hematopoietic vitamins

Thanks to the optimal combination of hematopoietic vitamins in InnovitumB, you can use the right doses of vitamins, which are recommended by the European Association of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition in Pediatrics (ESPGHAN), as well as the Polish Institute of Food and Nutrition. According to the latest Standards of medical care for a newborn in Poland, the supply of blood-forming vitamins is also recommended by the Polish Neonatological Society.


Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) were introduced in 1950 to treat malabsorption of fats. Since then, numerous studies have been carried out to broaden the knowledge about these compounds, their metabolism as well as clinical use. Due to their different chemical structure, they show different properties than long-chain fatty acids commonly found in food. They are more effectively absorbed, they become a fast source of energy, they do not transform into adipose tissue, and they also do not cause atherosclerosis. In InnovitumB, MCT oil was used as a carrier of vitamins, which protects the product against the development of pathogenic microorganisms, which allowed to avoid application of preservatives and stabilizers.

The correct amount of vitamins

The dropper included in the product will help you to provide the correct amount of vitamins. You must remember that in the case of prematurely born babies, ESPHAN and PNS recommend a dose per kilogram of body mass per day. For infants born at due time, children and adolescents, the dose is threshold. For your convenience, this information has been gathered in a table that will help you get the right dosage. It should also be remembered that a doctor may indicate another daily intake due to individual needs.

The safety of using InnovitumB

InnovitumB can be used by newborns, infants, children and adults. The product does not contain cow's milk proteins, lactose, gluten and can be safely administered to people who do not tolerate these ingredients.