Smart Pharma

It is our ambition to perfect medical products and make them more and more innovative. We know that it is possible. Every day we prove that knowledge combined with technology ensure better life and safer treatment. And this is exactly our mission.

Microentrepreneur of the Year 2016

Na zdjęciu Michał Taisner odbierający wyróżnienie w konkursie Mikroprzedsiębiorca Roku 2016 - Smart Pharma

The Microentrepreneur of the Year 2016 competition organized by the Microfinance Center Foundation was created to support entrepreneurs and companies, and to highlight and promote the best of them. The main criterion for the assessment of companies was to present an attitude that takes into account sustainable development, which is a combination of introducing new and improving products already created with simultaneous care for customers, employees, local community and natural environment. Smart Pharma received a distinction for creating new medical products in conjunction with the idea of ​​sustainable development.

Innovation Market Leader 2013

Smart Pharma is a part of the YouNick Nickel Technology Park Poznań, one of the first non-public technology parks in Poland that won the title of Innovation Market Leader 2013, awarded to companies realizing innovative projects and implementing modern technologies of production. YouNick Nickel Technology Park Poznań cooperates with numerous Polish universities and colleges and possesses specialist infrastructure equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories which hold the GMP certificate.

Who creates Smart Pharma?

The employees and partners of Smart Pharma specialize in activities undertaken at each stage of the process of creation of a medical product, which is followed by its commercialization. The process of creation of Smart Pharma products is compliant with the highest standards and consists of many stages which are supervised by competent specialists with long-standing experience.

Professional cooperation

We are open to cooperate with other companies. We offer professional assistance and support, as well as the realization of activities - starting with searching for a new preparation, ending with selling a ready product on the pharmaceutical market. We can conduct work within particular stages or take comprehensive care of the entire process.

Experience and competence

The biggest capital of Smart Pharma are the people – professionals with passion and a sense of goal whose contribution to the company are new ideas, innovative solutions, experience and professional work. R&D specialists search the world for innovative substances and subsequently draw up inventive formulas of medicaments – safer, more effective and patient-friendly. Laboratory technicians carry out hundreds of tests and detailed examinations. Consequently, they aquire optimal stability of preparations and prepare them for production in accordance with GMP standards. Employees of the Marketing and Sales Managing Departments work out strategies of launching new products and ways of communication with medical doctors and patients. In such a way, thanks to the competence and enthusiasm of many people, it is possible to implement innovative products in accordance with the motto Our ‘Technology Your Health’.

Development of the company

Michał Taisner has been working closely with the medical community for many years, especially with the Polish Neonatal Society and the Polish Pediatric Society. Thanks to this cooperation, all developed products are always consulted with specialists in a relevant field. The purpose of consultations is also to diagnose the doctors problems that have to contend with them in everyday practice and then to create products that solve them. The company's goal is to develop solutions that will give the opportunity to effectively and safely care for patients in accordance with the latest knowledge and research.

„I feel extremely proud and satisfied cooperating actively with the medical environment and being able to take part in work on improving the quality of people’s lives, especially infants‘ and little children‘s. I would like to be a partner for this milieu and promote knowledge and implement innovative products enabling effective treatment and prevention of illnesess.”
– Michał Taisner –